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Radionics Equipment for the 21st Century Radionic Operator

The Lightning Radionics Equipment is designed to provide you with the latest and greatest innovative features that you want to use in your everyday work. Groundbreaking features include: non-electric pulsating amplification, push button lights, full 360 degree tuning dials including orange tipped needles for easier dial setting, or instead of printed dials see our new Digital Tuning option below.

If your existing radionics equipment is in need of repair or updating, we service all makes and models!!

We can custom manufacture equipment to your needs!

Lightning Rates:

World's first and only website for Radionic Rates is now available! (We are still adding rates currently, but we have many already on there!) The website, when finished, will have Hieronymus rates, Base 10 rates, and Rife Frequency Database.


Non-Electric Pulsating Amplifier is the Turbo Charger

Orange Tipped needles

Push Button Lights


New Digital Tuning

-Easy to use

-No more squinting to read printed dials

Digtal Storm.jpg

Introducing the long awaited

Lightning Revive Med Bed

Lightning Revive.jpg

See our Products page for more    information

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