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What is Radionics??

Radionics is a Modality in which Energy & Information can be monitored and altered at a distance (remotely) through the use of Scalar Waves.

What is Scalar Waves??

You do not need to be an Expert in Quantum Physics to understand Scalar Waves. Scalar Waves are a well-known phenomenon observed in Geology, Astrophysics and Hydrodynamics. They are often referred to as Longitudinal Wavs or Tesla Waves. These Non-Linear, Non-Hertzian Waves can carry information. Amazingly, Scalar Waves can travel faster than the speed of light and do not decay over time or distance. Scalar Waves increases the Energy Level of every Hydrogen Atom; this can be observed on Spectograph Imaging. A Spectograph is a device that seperates light by its wavelengths and documents this data. Hydrogen bonds and hold DNA together so it can be postulated that Scalar Energy can promote profound balancing on a Cellular Level.

How is Scalar Energy Created?

Scalar Energy is generated when two Electromagnetic Waves converge from to opposite paths. When these Energy Vectors meet, the equal frequencies cancel each other out, leaving a Static or Stationary for of Energy and zero frequency. Scalar Energy does not flow like regular Electromagnetic Waves but occupies space and increases spatial mass. The Scalar Energy space is alive with checked and balanced energies. Scalar Electromagnetic Pairs create this balanced energy. This Longitudinal, Scalar Energy space has extraordinary properties that promote energy balancing. 

About the equipment we build

Here at Infinity Mission we take great pride in manufacturing the Lightning Radionic Equipment! 

In our equipment we generate Scalar Waves without the use of electricity. We do this because the Electrical System we currently have is contaminated with "Dirty Electricity". Your Radionic Instrument will function at full power with ZERO electrical input. Some of our equipment does plug in t operate the lights and timers only, but you can rest assured that it is NOT comingled with the Radionics (Scalar) Broadcast.

The Radionic Operater will place a witness (energy link) which can be clean hair from any part of the body that has not been dyed, picture or any other form of DNA Sample that you choose to use into the well on the Instrument. By placing the witness into the well an Energetic Link is created, which will allow the operator to Analyze and Broadcast Frequencies to Alter and Improve issues for the witness.

Radionics Equipment for the 21st Century Radionic Operator

The Lightning Radionics Equipment is designed to provide you with the latest and greatest innovative features that you want to use in your everyday work. Groundbreaking features include: non-electric pulsating amplification, push button lights, full 360 degree tuning dials including orange tipped needles for easier dial setting, or instead of printed dials see our new Digital Tuning option below.

If your existing radionics equipment is in need of repair or updating, we service all makes and models!!

We can custom manufacture equipment to your needs!

New Digital Tuning

  • Easy to use.

  • No mor squinting to read dials.

Digtal Storm.jpg

Non-Electric Pulsating Amplifier is the Turbo Charger


Push Button Lights


Orange Tipped needles


Lightning Rates:

World's first and only website for Radionic Rates is now available! (We are still adding rates currently, but we have many already on there!) The website, when finished, will have Hieronymus rates, Base 10 rates, and Rife Frequency Database.


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