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Specialized Reagents

Human DNA Gene Repair Card Set


DNA Repair Cards pic 1.jpg

The Human DNA Gene Repair Card Set consists of 220 Repair Genes. Put the ENTIRE set into the input well along with the IF & LOOP Card (Included) and set 1 bank to 0-100. Check for Broadcast time!

Donate $220 to Infinity Mission and it is yours!!!

DNA Repair Cards pic 2.jpg




The (PET) Personal Energetic Trainer has been under research and evaluation for the last year at Innovative Concepts. We feel the proper amount of neuro-codes patterns are necessary to maintain a healthy body. Neuro-Codes patterns are neurological impulses that happen hundreds to thousands of times a second in each of us, every moment of our lives. They are the functions that allow us to move our hands, neck, eyes, muscles and other parts of our bodies-necessary to keep us alive and healthy. Most people take these neurological functions for granted. What if your body didn't or couldn't transmit certain neuro-codes for some reason such as illness, injury, age or attitude? How would that person function from that point on? The limitation could be overwhelming. The PET Unit is a small package that packs a large punch! The Neuro-codes we are using are to increase the person's positive qualities in themselves. The way the PET works, is that it is able to pulse a short burst of neuro-coding sequence to the hose and it's this neuro-code that the persons body receives. Once their brain or nervous system receives the signal the body starts to process the command from the PET unit. The coding sequence is so close to the neuro-codes of the host brain, that the body can't tell the difference from the host brain sending the signal or PET Unit; and  the difference from the body carries out the function that it was told to do. A speed adjustment dial is able to be adjusted by the user if a stronger power setting is desired (slow=weaker/faster=slower). The PET codes are embedded in a way that can't be changed or altered. When the battery runs down, the user just removes the screw and replaces the battery with any AAA alkaline battery. You can safely replace the battery without losing the PET codes that are permanently programmed in the unit.

The PETS work GREAT as a reagent (nice small size fits easily in your  INPUT WELL) in your LightningTM  Radionics Equipment! (especially in the LightningTM Spark) Using them as a reagent, MEANS you don't have to physically carry them.BIG PLUS


Focus PET (Blue)


Helps to increase mental focus, clarity and memory recall ability. Many users find that their memory has improved and are able to retain and recall facts clearer and in most cases, quicker. Gives the user an additional sense of positive confidence and image that he or she may not normally have. Helps to quite down the mind. Works on keeping the mind an thoughts from being splintered and going in many different directions at the same time. Children have seen their mental clarity improve greatly and in most cases, the parent/teacher claim that there has been a "remarkable improvement" in the child. Over a period of time the Focus PET helps stabilize the active high speed thought patterns of the user, can complete the speech or mental processes they were involved with. We have found that the Focus PET has a positive effect on mental mood swings over time. It helps give the user a smoother ride compared to sharp vertical ups and steep vertical downs in mood swings that they would normally have. 
Here at Lightning, we have found that the PETs can be used on the person or in a broadcast through a radionic's instrument. Donate $175 to Infinity Mission and it is yours!!

Recover PET (Green)


 The Recovery PET was designed to help our energetic body to forget what injury or aliments that the cell memory may retain after the event. This negative memory can limit our recovery time if not halt it all together. Helps to ease the stress that may slow down the recovery time and process that is so important in getting better. Helps to overcome the mental blocks or limitations associated to the mental injury or physical ailments the subject will have a much quicker recovery time then without the unit. Most people don't realize that the body does not remember a health state from one time to the next. If that is NOT the case then why doesn't your elbow continue to hurt when you bumped it 10 years ago? Helps to allow the energetic body to free up some of the trapped energy and increase the cellular recovery state our body will naturally have. Sends energetic patterns to the user system to reset the imbalances received by the damaged area. 
Here at Lightning, we have found that the PETs can be used on the person or in a broadcast through a radionic's instrument. Donate $175 to Infinity Mission and it is yours!!

Stress-eze PET (Grey)


Helps to remove stress that we accumulate throughout our normal hectic day. Helps to remove the worry and mental turmoil from our daily routines. In most cases the Stress PET has been responsible for increase daily performances with our daily duties and activities. Many people find that they have much less stress and feel calmer when used. Helps to repel those negative effects that may cause stress against us. Has the effect to make negative people leave you alone so they don't drain you. A few users said they feel "almost 10 feet tall and bullet proof" it has given them a higher level of self confidence that is un-matched by anything else that have tried before
Here at Lightning, we have found that the PETs can be used on the person or in a broadcast through a radionic's instrument. Donate $175 to Infinity Mission and it is yours!!

Performance PET (Red)


 The Performance PET was specially designed for the sport minded athletes. Helps to increase mental focus and clarity while keeping a larger overview of the game. In most cases the athletes say that the Performance PET gave them a sharper edge over there competitor. Our findings tells us that the unit has increased the endurance and hand eye coordination and function of the athlete by many times over. Of course this is a a unique advantage over the competition. The number one complaint that most athletes experience, it's not the pain or getting hurt ,its the memory of making a bad play! Yes that's right most athletes are so tuned that they just miss 1 small play and it will screw up the rest of the game. The Performance PET will not allow the player to dwell on the bad play. Rather increase the focus for the next play. The Performance PET blocks the bad memory lop while they are on the field or in play till the game is over. We have found using this PET allows you let things go that are bothering you so you don't dwell on them!!
Here at Lightning, we have found that the PETs can be used on the person or in a broadcast through a radionic's instrument. Donate $175 to Infinity Mission and it is yours!!

Jit Jow


Jit Jow is a powerful herbal formulation that you can spray on your body to relieve sore muscles, aches and pains. After applying Jit Jow to the afflicted area pain relief is almost instant, like it was never there! Unlike any topical pain reliever on the market today, Jit Jow has no offensive smell or oil base to stain your clothes. Jit Jow is based off an 1500 year ancient Chinese recipe of Dit Da Jow a 14 herbal formula which has been used by Kung Fu Masters for centuries in their Iron Fist training. Master Herbalists Misty Back, N.D. and her Husband Alan Back, N.D. noticed some limiting factors in this ancient liniment, so after years of refinement and additions of strong herbal blending found the right healing antioxidant combination which allows instant relief of pain and trauma. The Master would use the old formula in training so zero bruising would occur. The new Jit Jow has a faster, deeper, and longer action so the body can hold the herbal blend without being in pain. 

Jit Jow can make an excellent reagent in your radionics instrument.

Relief is a spray away!

Donate $20 to Infinity Mission and a 10 ml Jit Jow is yours!!

Donate $40 to Infinity Mission and a 20 ml Jit Jow is yours!!

To become a "PET MASTER", donate $700 for all four PETs and you will receive a FREE 10 ml Jit Jow! 

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